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Elizabeth Holmes Inventor of Theranos

By Rassin Roshan | September 29, 2014 |

Today I read an article on about a woman and her revolutionary idea that made her a billionaire. Now how does that sound to you my dear readers?  This sounds worth exploring on how she managed to reach that height in her young life.

At age 19, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University.  She believed her tuition money would be better spent if she could transform health care. Her idea is in regard to revolutionizing the age old blood test. Miss Holmes created a new method of testing blood that can have greater results than that of the old methods. Instead of strapping the arm with a rubber band, asking the patient to relax and looking for an artery or vane, creating fear in the individuals, asking the patient to pump their fists, taking vials of blood with syringes, and leaving a bruised arm.  Then rushing the vials of blood to a cooler and keeping the blood in motion to prevent it from cogging, as well as preventing blood contamination.

Now with the new revolutionary idea, the patient will give one drop of blood, through a pricked finger, a similar way as one would do for a glucose test, that one drop of blood holds a line of information.  Elizabeth Holmes calls her invention “Theranos”.

Not only is this test more affordable for the patient, but also for the laboratories. It also is done quicker than before. This new testing method takes only 4 hours to yield results. What a brilliant idea that changes the world of healthcare and medicine! As well as the economic state for all!  In 2013, Walgreens announced it will install Theranos Wellness Centers in pharmacies across the USA.  Today there are pharmacies in Phoenix, AZ, and Palo Alto, CA.

How does it work?  The companies methods are protected by many patents filed back in 2004 and as recently as early September 2014.

Holmes raised $400 million in venture capital for Theranos, with $9 billion and she owns $4.5 billion dollar.

In an interview with WIRED Holmes hinted. Holmes told WIRED, with a Theranos test fertility test cost $35 compared to an out-of-pocket cost of $2000. This invention will cost Medicare and Medicaid by far less. Please find Theranos price list on their website.

Elizabeth Holmes said, “By testing, you will understand your body, and change your lifestyles.”

Forbs created a new list of young American billionaires and Elizabeth Holmes is number 111, on that list.

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