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Web Design Past and Present

Rassin Roshan Web Design Past and Present

By Rassin Roshan | December 27, 2015 |

Past of Web Design

I remember back in year 2000 as I attended Collin College, majority of static websites were hand coded with HTML 4, and those sites with a shopping cart were designed on .PHP and MySQL database.  To enhance certain features JavaScript, flash, and sometimes even GIF animations would be used to accomplish a certain look and feel. Then a creative GUI design was made in Photoshop and Illustrator, imported into Dreamweaver and at last through FTP uploaded onto the back end of my host.

Back then the preference was to abstain from using frames and rather implementing tables; which were search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), was not in play, and focus on content was also not so much as it is today. However, it was thoughtful of the web designer and webmaster to create a website that would work on majority of computers and show clean on most monitors.

In 2003, Matt C. Mullenweg and Mike Little designed an open source platform named “WordPress”. They are the pioneers of WordPress and opened a new horizon to many people on creating a website with ease!

Personally, I do not recall WordPress in 2006, or the emphasis of SEO, as I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Texas in Arlington, (UTA).  However, that does not mean it was not in circulation. It was a new field under the online marketing or Internet marketing umbrella of the vast marketing industry. Not many companies were heavily involved as they are today!

Present of Web Design

Presently, WordPress is the leading platform, yet, there are other platforms such as Drupal and Joomla. Which to choose depends on what your website is all about!

The prehistoric search engine such as “Archie” in 1990 can be found in archives of Internet information. Today, everyone worldwide knows of GOOGLE to be the most powerful search engine of all. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) help develop standards are guideline for the Web. Google has mastered those guidelines and sets the rules of website engagement on the Internet. In order to rank organically Google dictates a set of rules.

Strategies & Search Engine Optimization directs your website to a healthy path!

Google the Leader

Google is the leader in Website visibility! Every year Google changes and adds certain rules, the upkeep of what is new becomes cumbersome to some companies. All the new Internet rules that were hidden at one point are apparent today!  I am all for education.

Still not many companies have the resources to maintain their websites to the newest Google rules. Some people say Google is not straight forward with their rules, they cover so many aspects: SEO, Content, On-Page and Off-Page Linking, Video, Page Ranking, Page Speed, Keywords, Analytics, AdWords, Paid Advertising, Back Linking, Landing Pages, Website visibility, Images, Social Media, Blog, Webmaster Guidelines for different industries, penalties, and so many different aspects, it gets confusing.

Yes, Google can get confusing and that is where I advise companies to plan out what they really want in a website. Who is their audience and what message do they want to convey?  As basic this might sound, it is the building block of how their website will unfold!

Every company has a different goal in implementing Search Engine Optimization, SEO; however, before SEO can be applied, a website is needed. Not everyone knows how to install WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, or how to create Child-Themes to preserve their changes made on the different themes they install.

If you need to build a website, please call me and I can recommend local web designers who can fit your budget. These talented individuals are located in Plano and Dallas, Texas. Companies with overhead tend to over charge the client. These individual webmasters are multi-lingual customer friendly ready to aid you in your website journey!

All the best Rassin Roshan



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